Q: Where are the Steeldive watches? 

A: Our watches are in Europe (Italy and Portugal) and will be shipped to all the European Union countries without additional import fees, customs or duties. For countries outside the EU, other taxes or custom fees may apply. These charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Q: How much is shipping to my country?

A: The shipping cost is THE SAME for all Europe! Shipping times may vary. We use UPS/TNT express which arrives 2-4 days after shipment. For the rest of the world 20-30,00 euro can be added for the express shipping. Please ask more info before purchase. 

Q: What is covered by the warranty?

A: Movement issues arising from normal use, or any defects with manufacturing. When we receive the watches in warranty, we check that if watch was poorly handled or badly treated or if it was subjected to a heavy shock.

Q: How can I understand if my Steeldive is an official Steeldive?

A: Our Steeldive watches (appart from the green warranty card) come with a black card that certifies that your Steeldive watch is an original Steeldive.

Q: I have a Steeldive watch not-official but i need some parts. 

A: We can sell all the parts for repair your watch but we aren't responsible about the compatibility of the pieces, We can only guarantee the compatibility between parts on original Steeldive watches. 

Q: How do I take care of a bronze watch?

A: There's not much care needed, letting the patina 'appear' is the fun part about owning a bronze watch! If you find the color has become too dark for your liking, you could use a metal polish to brighten it up.

Q: My watch has stopped after being left on the dresser for a day or two. What happened?

A: The automatic movements have a power reserve of approximately 40 hours, and it will stop if not worn during that duration. Just give your watch a shake and it will start to move again.

Q: How do I get my watch fixed?

A: Please contact us if you have any issues.

Q: How do I change the strap?

A: Please go to a watchmaker to change the straps if you aren't experienced.